My Americana with Ollie Collins

Join Ollie Collins for a night of honest entertainment, for the 5th installment of My Americana. Performed every two years starting in 2011, My Americana is an performance piece with a single stage performer accompanied with a live musician and overhead projections. Each year the show is performed, there are additional stories and content; however, this year it is 100% new material.

For this rendition of My Americana, the musician will be Andrew Grumelot - the front man for the Red, Adventure, Science, Heart and Fire 10MPF house bands. Technical Direction will be from Brett Cavin - Monkey With a Hat On's Technical Director for the past four years.

My Americana (2019) is the story of life in Portland, OR. Star Trek. Dancing. Virginia. New York. Partying. Johnny. The Grim Reaper. Aliens. Marty. Oliver. Projections.