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Come join Ollie Collins for a night of honest entertainment - for the 4th installment of My Americana!

My Americana is the story of life in Portland, OR. Baseball. TV. Sleep. Dreams. Death. Pancakes. Money. Happiness. Drugs. The American Dream. Florida. Running.

First performed in 2011, My Americana is a performance piece with a single stage performer accompanied with a live musician and overhead projections. Each time the show is performed, there are additional stories and it features a different musician.

This year's My Americana will feature the talented Andrew Grumelot as the musician. You may remember Andrew as the front man of the Scarlett Johansons (Red 10MPF) and The Questernauts (Mystery 10MPF). Andrew will bring his own style to this year's My Americana, playing 4 different guitars, a keyboard, a drum, a kazoo and spoons.

"I put everything into My Americana. It's a chance to provide snapshots about an individual, which I believe helps inform the story of a culture. The show is called My Americana, but I've always seen it as Our Americana - it's really about all of us. We strive to make the show less of a performer carthartic experience and more about an entertaining, thought-provoking and fun time for the audience. At the same time, if you've ever wanted to see me perform passionately and perhaps gain insight about the crazy man who does the intros to the 10MPF, this is your chance." -Ollie Collins

My Americana (2017) Written and Directed by Ollie Collins Music by Andrew Grumelot

Runtime: 50 Minutes No Intermission

"My Americana is good. My Americana is great. My Americana is a great big dinner plate."