Home to the Portland Ten Minute Play Festival, Monkey With a Hat on is dedicated to providing community and theater for all. Theater empowers us and allows us to share live experiences. It offers a medium for thought, emotion and human histories to be exchanged in real time. This should be accessible to everyone. Both to the audience, where our tickets are always $5; and to the people who want to participate, where we have an open door policy.

We welcome any heart-beating, positive Portlander who wants to get involved—whether for acting, writing, directing or stagecraft. Anyone can attend casting calls, submit a play and apply to be a part of our company. We want you to join the fun! To get involved, all you have to do is click here.


The Portland 10MPF is a collaborative short form theater event with all the plays performed two weekends in a row. Each play is ten minutes or less and features some of Portland’s best theater talent - writers, actors, directors, and crew! The 10MPF is a showcase of contemporary and unique stories that always entertain and inspire our audience. We want you to be a part of it with us!

In the Summer 10MPF you'll experience a noir tale about a 1950s married couple and their trusty paperboy, a boss teaching her employee the best way to fly fish, a new take on a Midsummer Night's Dream that occurs on a park bench, one mom's attempt to keep her troubled son enrolled in summer camp, two sisters lost at Burning Man, a friendly lemonade stand turning into into a cut throat neighborhood competition, two sexually frustrated campers daring for intimacy with a killer on the loose, a desperate mother and her bratty daughter interrupting a relaxing summer day, and a couple campers running into a bummed out Smokey the Bear and trying to reignite his passion.

Between each play the surf rock sounds of Sun Drunks will help us cowabunga our way through a bodacious evening of theater.

Come have fun in the sun at our second production of 2018!