Home to the Portland Ten Minute Play Festival, Monkey With a Hat on is dedicated to providing community and theater for all. Theater empowers us and allows us to share live experiences. It offers a medium for thought, emotion and human histories to be exchanged in real time. This should be accessible to everyone. Both to the audience, where our tickets are always $5; and to the people who want to participate, where we have an open door policy.

We welcome any heart-beating, positive Portlander who wants to get involved—whether for acting, writing, directing or stagecraft. Anyone can attend casting calls, submit a play and apply to be a part of our company. We want you to join the fun! To get involved, all you have to do is click here.

For Dive Art, we turn a dive bar into an art gallery... and it's a party!

Over twenty Portland artists display their artwork, packing the dank walls and filling the tables of the Vern. Paintings, drawings, prints, photography, t-shirts, books, magazines, key-chains, hand-sewn pouches, and more! And what's awesome, is that all artists discount their artwork to 20 DOLLARS AND BELOW!

Dive Art is a great hyper-local opportunity to pick up some artwork for your walls, or for your friends/family that is usually priced for way more. Or, just a great place to just come hang out and have a good time!

Live music starts at 8pm and features special guest artists GMNI at 8pm and True Friends at 9pm. After the music, there will be a foosball tourney at 10:30pm!