Would you like to act in a Monkey With a Hat On production? Here's your chance! Casting calls for the next Ten Minute Play Festival are coming soon. If you'd like to try out, read the criteria below, and come to one of our open casting calls. It really is that easy!

Casting Calls

Casting Calls for the Ten Minute Play Festival are held at The Clinton Street Theater. Actors may only attend one time slot.

Time slot #1: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Time slot #2: 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Doors lock for entry at each of the start-times, so Actors: show up 15 minutes early

Required Dates

All actors must be able to make a the following FIVE dates (Dress Rehearsal and the four performcences).

Dress Rehearsal Sunday June 4th, 12pm-6pm
Actors need to be able to be on time, make the entire dress rehearsal and stay after their play performs in order to provide an audience to other groups and to support each other.

Performances - FOUR nights 5pm-10pm
Friday, June 9th
Saturday, June 10th
Friday, June 16th
Saturday, June 17th

Performers must be able to be at the theater on time at 5pm on all four nights and stay until the end of the show.


Actors must also be able to collaboratively schedule two rehearsals per week with their play group for a minimum of 8 rehearsals before dress rehearsal.

Two additional rehearsals are also required. One between dress and opening night and one between the rehearsal dates.

At casting calls, every actor will fill out an availability sheet and directors will only select actors whose times match up with each other. The rehearsal schedule for each of the play groups will be collaboratively made within your group.

Additional Criteria & Conduct

Actors must not only be collaboratively-minded people, but must also agree to the Monkey Standard of no intoxicants before/during rehearsals or before/during the performances.

Actors also need to be OK with AudioGlobe filming their perfomences and streaming it online and providing a copy of it for free to people involved and 5 bucks to family/fans (this cost enables the Audio Globe crew to be there, and that is duper cheap. yes, duper.)

Here We Go!

There is nothing like being onstage in front of a packed audience. If you throw yourself out there, be positive and collaborative, and get cast in a role, we promise you one of the funnest experiences you will have in 2017!

We can't wait to see you at casting!