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The Sports Ten Minute Play Festival


Clinton Street Theater, Portland Oregon
March 9th 10th 16th 17th
Doors @ 6:00 – Curtain @ 7:00
Only $5!

Sports Play Festival Photos

Sports Play Festival Photos

The Portland 10MPF is a collaborative short form theater event with all the plays performed two weekends in a row. Each play is ten minutes or less and features some of Portland’s best theater talent - writers, actors, directors, and crew! The 10MPF is a showcase of contemporary and unique stories that always entertain and inspire our audience. We want you to be a part of it with us!

In the Sports 10MPF you'll see a dark turn on the track with a sugar addicted horse confronted by his Jockey and Doctor, Charlie Brown showing Lucy what he's really made of, a father and son trying to connect over one last game of catch, trials and tribulations of aspiring mascots, the family dynamics of gladiators fighting to the death, a mother's love torn between the dreams of her children, the different membership plans at the Lord's Gym, two teens expressing themselves through Wii tennis, and a broken hearted football fan faced with the ultimate choice - his marriage or his team.

Between each play the eclectic toyboat toyboat toyboat will lend their jazz infused punk stylings tying together the whole night with live music written for the 10MPF.

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