My Americana, with Ollie Collins (2013)


Clinton Street Theater, Portland Oregon
June 30th, 2013
Doors @ 6:30 – Curtain @ 7:00
Only $5!
All Ages

My Americana is a 50 minute performance piece with a stage performer (Ollie Collins) and a musician (Josh Ward). It is an honest piece about life in Portland, OR. Baseball. Spaceships. Skateboards. The American Dream. Money. Tattoos. Florida. Sleep. Ducks. Pancakes. New York. Dreams. Love. Failure. TV. Drugs. Death. Home. Shakespeare. Shoes. Happiness. Laughter. Freedom. Running.

"My Americana is good. My Americana is great. My Americana is a great big dinner plate."

Written and directed by Ollie Collins
Music by Josh Ward