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Campaign 2012 Ten Minute Play Festival


The Someday Lounge, Portland, Oregon
September 30th and October 7th, 2012
Doors @ 6:00 Curtain @ 7:00



Woooooo eeeeeeeee! Americana independent theater for the masses! (not backed by major U.S. banks)

The Portland Ten Minute Play Festival is a seasonal collaborative event created by Monkey With a Hat On. The festival features a dozen locally written ten minute plays. Each play features different writers, actors and directors - many people are involved. The festival is a seasonal opportunity for Portland artists to share moments, and for the audience to see a wide range of stories in one night. It's a young, fun, festival atmosphere!

For our fifth festival, all plays are Campaign 2012 themed! The plays range in tonalities, styles and the interpretation of the theme. Think campaigns, war campaigns, campaigns of the mind, elections, personal politics, friend politics, international politics, red vs. blue, media hype, 2012, the end of the world....

Also, we are encouraging the audience to dress up in patriotic attire, end of the world clothes, war uniforms, donkeys, elephants, political candidates, ect. - interpret the theme how you like! It's going to be knock down drag out political theater jelly!

Very silly indeed is how we do it.

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