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Dive Art (2013)


The Vern, 2622 SE Belmont Portland, Oregon
January 3rd, 2013
Doors @ 7:00 Music @ 8:00
Foosball tournament @ 10:30
Free! 21+


For Dive Art, we turn a dive bar into an art gallery... and it's a party!  Over twenty Portland artists display their artwork, packing the dank walls and filling the tables of the Vern.  Paintings, drawings, prints, photography, t-shirts, books, magazines, key-chains, hand-sewn pouches, and more!  And what's awesome, is that all artists discount their artwork to 20 DOLLARS AND BELOW!  This is a great opportunity to pick up on some really good artwork that is usually priced for way more.  It's a great hyper-local opportunity to pick up some artwork for your walls, or for your friends/family!  And a great place to just come hang out and have a good time!

The artists and the art they're showing at Dive Art:

Randy Steward - blood guts and gore zombie punks

Elizabeth Considine - little drawings of desperate men at bars

Bennett Protexter - Bennett enjoys working with clean, defined lines... Whether they be on canvas, wood, or mirrors.

Stephanie Podmore - Stephanie teaches preschool, and after her
class experimented with melting crayons she decided to run with the idea on her own.

Kevin Sohler - Using new mediums and technique, Kevin is showing pieces with watercolor and ink on lines. His artwork is inspired by the same things that inspired Kevin when he was 13 - fantasy, giant robots, super heroes, and boobs.

Laura Eychaner - watercolor pet portraits

Aaron Dean Bikis - Aaron is a recreational photographer and clinical imperfectionist. He attempts to recreate the experience of a small town soul shaken by reality and finding himself in an urban environment wrought with awesome people. Aaron shoots the surreal and the serene.

Kyle Renteria - Kyle's showing two pieces. One is a space shuttle, and the other piece is what you get when you cross a triangle with a square.

Emma Colburn - six shadow boxes in anchovie tins

Kenny Spurlock - Kenny's piece is an enchanted depiction of the sparkles and glistens. A gift from the sun, which only chose to rise today to give this to the utmost prestigious yet delicate puked on flower.

Jonnie Arnett - eyes

Thomas Ritchey - series of palindromic drawings

Andrea Genoveva - a piece with a lady in nature

Zach Walker - Zach's a fried chicken kind of man. His piece in Dive Art is a sexual metaphor for fried chicken: rough-cut fem-fatal beauties. Gap toothed kittens of the PNW.

Phil Garrison - sweet art

Summer Hatfield - collage on glass

Nate Skavdahl - art from the dreamer, The Poi Wonder

Ali Baron - an ethereal, dreamlike drawing

Will Madden - two dimensional multimedia day dream pop

Brooke Myhre - three exciting mixed media nonsense pieces

Joshua Cloudt - Finger painted acrylic on canvas, swelling with warmth and a poignant sense of fantastical nostalgia, Josh's piece is called "Alien Vacation #2"

Dylan Manley - recycled material art

Ollie Collins - Inspired by the next theme of the Tens - "Mythology" - Ollie produces a mythological painting series with Zeus, Pan, Billy the Kid, Larry Bird, and women smoking cigarettes.

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